TORQ-PIN is a revolutionary new torque monitoring and data logging system that can fit any type of drive head. Where conventional differential hydraulic pressure readings can be 30 - 50% out, the TORQ-PIN monitoring system offers true torque readings that are 98%+ accurate! TORQ-PIN works simply by replacing your current OEM drive head mounting pin(s). There is absolutely no loss of boom height which can occur with other systems.

Utilizing strain gages, internal CPU, RAM and other electronics, the TORQ-PIN can guarantee highly accurate, real time torque readings. An inclinometer built into the TORQ-PIN ensures that you maintain a consistent angle of insertion. The TORQ-PIN software records important data such as pile number, final torque, peak torque and elapsed time. This data can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet and transferred by e-mail or memory stick to your engineer/customer.

Consistent and real time monitoring of torque will prevent over-torque which can often result in pile failures (piles sheared or buckled). The inclinometer also removes the need (and associated risk) for personnel to stand beneath the drive head to assist the operator in maintaining a proper insertion angle.

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